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How I De-Stress From Anxiety

I’ve always been one of those people who worry. It’s like my mind is constantly on overdrive, worrying about what might happen in the future or reflecting on things I wish I had done differently in the

How My Back Pain Was Reduced By Remedial Massage

I used to be such a skeptic about going through any type of massage. I always doubted how such a superficial routine provide relief when all it does is press the surface of the skin. But these

Pilates – Starting Your Journey and Reaping Its Benefits

The first step to learning Pilates is actually thinking about how you’re going to do it. Are you going to do it alone? Are you joining a group? Or will you be in a private class? These

What the Best Exercise Bikes Have in Common

By now, you’ve probably heard of cycling classes that’s been popping up all over Sydney. If you didn’t know it yet, cycling classes are like spinning classes where you ride on a stationary bike and you bike

What to Look for in The Best Ab Machine

A lot of people want to remove their muffin top. But unfortunately for me and for a lot of girls out there, eliminating the muffin top takes a lot of time and effort. Well-sculpted abs don’t come

Discover Today’s Popular Asian Beauty Treatments

The quest for beauty transcends all countries and cultures. However, Asians are best known for the extra attention they pour into skincare and beauty treatments. I can attest to the fascinating beauty scene in some Asian countries

5 Reasons Why You Should Wax, Not Shave

In the modern world, people generally live a more hectic lifestyle. Every day, they jump from appointment to another appointment, leaving little to almost zero time for self-care. In the context of hair removal, people generally prefer

Making a Choice of Asian Hairstyle

They say that one’s point of view of an act is dependent on his or her previous experience. I hold this true with regard to how I go about hair styling which may include cutting my hair

How to Make Your First Hair Colour Treatment a Success

Going for your first hair colour experience can be exciting. After all, it opens up a lot of opportunities for you to create a new look. A new shade can create a perfect new hairstyle to wow