How My Back Pain Was Reduced By Remedial Massage

I used to be such a skeptic about going through any type of massage. I always doubted how such a superficial routine provide relief when all it does is press the surface of the skin. But these doubts disappeared soon after undergoing my first remedial massage.

My First Visit to the Myotherapy Clinic

I have been suffering from back pain for years and just when I thought it was a “normal” part of me, a friend of mine suggested I undergo myotherapy. I gave in to the idea not because I believed in myotherapy. In fact, the term sounded so new to me that I didn’t quickly relate it to something that entails “massage”.

I gave in to the idea of undergoing myotherapy because my friend was such a believer in it. Once we arrived at the myotherapy clinic, my wonderful experience started to occur. The staff asked a series of questions such as the medications that I am currently taking and what illnesses I had in the past.

They also asked about any surgeries that I’ve gone through and I was glad to tell them that I haven’t had any surgeries at all. Other things they asked me about include my accident history, involvement in sports and my occupation.

My Remedial Massage Experience: The Benefits

1. Released Muscle Tensions

The person who performed remedial massage seemed to have hands gifted with healing wonders. As the therapist ran her hands through my nape and back, I felt as if she knew exactly where to apply pressure. Every move that her hands made seemed to have a magical healing effect. It was so soothing and relieving at the same time.

The entire session made me feel like the tensions on the large muscles around my spine, from my upper back down to my lower back, were all released. I was also glad that the therapist pointed out the negative effects of observing proper posture, which I have always been guilty of.

2. Relief from Stress

I walked out of the clinic feeling so relaxed. My headache was gone and my shoulders felt so light. It seemed as if I was ready to tackle whatever task at work and no matter how tedious it could be. It just feels so great to be stress-free! I never thought that my years of back pain could be relieved by just one session of remedial massage.

Without the headache and back pain, my stress levels plummeted to the ground that I can no longer tell if I still have it.

3. Better Sleep at Night

I thought I needed to go through a couple of remedial massage sessions before I could experience that elusive sweet slumber at night but I was wrong. I had a deep and restful sleep the first time I had a remedial massage! This surprised me a lot because I’ve already tried several sleep “hacks” claiming to help me get a better sleep at night only to find myself still tossing and turning.

Fortunately, I don’t have to resort to taking sleeping pills. I just have to call the myotherapy clinic and schedule a remedial massage whenever I feel the need to. With remedial massage, I no longer have to find myself feeling too uncomfortable to sleep on my back because I no longer have aches and pains on this part of my body.

At the end of the session, the staff gave their recommendations on when I should be back for another session. I was so happy to comply and from then on, I always see to it that there is enough space on my calendar to plot my myotherapy schedule.

If you are also suffering from back pains like I am, click here to visit the page and see what remedial massage does to help you get relief.