5 Reasons Why You Should Wax, Not Shave

In the modern world, people generally live a more hectic lifestyle. Every day, they jump from appointment to another appointment, leaving little to almost zero time for self-care. In the context of hair removal, people generally prefer the easy and convenient way of shaving over waxing because of time constraints. But this article will give you 5 reasons why you should change your ways.

Longer hair-free days

Hairlessness adds confidence to women and neatness to men, regardless of the body part concerned. It’s not surprising why many would want to prolong their hair-free days as much as possible. Shaving, however, cuts only the hair shaft and the hair regrows shortly after 3 days. Waxing, on the other hand, pulls the hair from the roots and the results last longer. Waxing also frees a person from itchiness and constant scratching. On average, a person’s happy days with waxing are about 3 to 6 weeks longer than shaving.

Cleaner finish

Some tiny hair strands may be difficult to shave off. It requires some rubbing against your skin, causing irritation and abrasion. On sensitive skin, the friction may cause rashes which require medication – an added cost. Waxing is different; it only requires a one-time application, provided that the product is of quality as well. In waxing, even the stubborn hair strands can be uprooted, leaving your skin with a cleaner and smoother finish. If waxing is a lipstick, it will be matte.

Safer process

Shaving obviously uses a razor that can cause cuts. Even dull razors, when rubbed repeatedly against the skin, can cause cuts. Note that skin openings, big or small, are possible points of entry for infection—causing bacteria, such as the staphylococcus bacteria that cause cellulitis. Some sensitive skin may even scar and eventually cause discoloration. Over time, with continued shaving, the discoloration may become permanent. Waxing, meanwhile, is safer because everything is controlled including the temperature of the wax (if it’s hot wax) and the force applied to uproot the hair (if it’s cold wax). Most people prefer cold waxing as it does not deal with heat and is therefore safer.  

Others fear waxing because of pain. People who waxed are often portrayed as screaming and squinting, as if they are forever suffering. However, truth be told, a person eventually gets used to the process and the pain becomes tolerable. Also, if you ask waxing salons, they would agree that waxing can be painless with proper application. It is generally dependent on the handler. In Doncaster, there are many waxing salons with excellent services to choose from.  All you need is to find one that suits your preference

Better long-term care

With waxing, the hair not only grows slower but also finer. Unlike shaving, waxing does not also cause stubbles, which are not only unpleasant and embarrassing, but also burdensome. Stubbles have the rough and abrasive feel. Most importantly, waxing removes dead skin cells, the reason why many people love waxing as it leaves their skin whiter and smoother. Although waxing still causes ingrown hair, the incidence is less frequent compared to shaving. Overall, waxing promotes better long-term skin care. Fortunately, waxing treatments in Doncaster are affordable, safe, and of quality, perfect for long-term use.  

More cost-effective

Some people think that they save money in shaving because they only invest in a razor with a refillable blade. Sadly, because of the unwanted effects of shaving, such as but not limited to scrapes, cuts, rashes, and itchiness, a person may end up paying for more than what he or she has initially invested. Collectively speaking, it’s costlier in terms of money, time, and effort.

There are many home waxing kits nowadays that you can purchase from beauty stores or even supermarkets. The proper way of pulling out hair is always in the opposite direction. When waxing sensitive areas, you may have to handle the procedure with extra care. But if you’re a first timer, you may opt for a professional waxing salon.