What the Best Exercise Bikes Have in Common

By now, you’ve probably heard of cycling classes that’s been popping up all over Sydney.

If you didn’t know it yet, cycling classes are like spinning classes where you ride on a stationary bike and you bike to an upbeat rhythm led by an instructor.

It sounds fun and tiring at the same time. I tried cycling classes myself and I can say that it really pushed me to the limit even if I barely felt like I was struggling the whole time.

But my issue wasn’t on the actual exercise – it’s on the price. On average, one cycling session is around $30 and to tell you the truth, I’m not comfortable spending that much.

Indoor Cycling Made More Affordable

In my attempt to keep doing cycling sessions, I thought of buying my own exercise bike and just pump up the music. Although I’m not a pro at instructing myself when to speed up or slow down, I took cues from our instructor back in Sydney.

If you’re like me and you want to cycle but can’t afford to pay for classes every week, then you would love the idea of having an exercise bike at home.

There are exercise bikes that cost around $700 while it can go up to $3000. But of course, if you’re a newbie, I don’t recommend that you buy the expensive kind because you have to love cycling to make the most out of this equipment.

What to Look For in an Exercise Bike

There are so many exercise bikes on the market that it can be confusing when you don’t know how to start.

So I’ve compiled a few things that I looked for when I was picking out my first home exercise bike. Although some of the characteristics here are basic, they can still be often overlooked.

1. The Brand

There are household names in this market, just like in any market. For exercise bikes, brands like Nautilus, NordicTrack, Peloton, and Spinning are the best exercise bikes to consider.

While some of their models can be more expensive, rest assured that they give you the quality parts and programming that will give you a better ride experience.

2. The Controls

One of the most important parts of an exercise bike is the controls. They should be easy to understand so that it will feel instinctual once you’re already into the music.

Nowadays, it’s normal for an exercise bike to have a touchscreen but don’t be fooled by its tech. When buying an exercise bike, ask the seller to turn it on so that you can see what information it shows and its benefits.

3. The Warranty

Since this is equipment that you’ll be using at least twice a week (hopefully), it’s always smart to ask how long the warranty stands.

This is important because what if something goes wrong? Although all warranties differ, you have to ask which kind of damage is covered by the plan.

4. The Design

The design is important other than the fact that you want something that looks good. If you have limited space, you want an exercise bike that doesn’t take up the whole room.

It should be able to fit in one corner and the compactness of it should not limit its standard features.

5. The Smoothness of the Ride

And lastly, you have to buy an exercise bike that has a smooth ride. I recommend that you try riding on it before you buy it just so you can check if it’s comfortable enough for you.

Pay attention to the seat and how it cradles you. It should not limit your movements, but it should allow you to feel safe on it.