Pilates – Starting Your Journey and Reaping Its Benefits

The first step to learning Pilates is actually thinking about how you’re going to do it. Are you going to do it alone? Are you joining a group? Or will you be in a private class? These are some considerations that a beginner should consider before deciding to take the training.

I would always recommend trying out individual sessions first. If you don’t feel like doing it alone you can always check out books and instructional materials. Click here to find out more.

Is Pilates good for the body?

Some people might think that Pilates isn’t a full body exercise. However, this is just one among the many misconceptions about this training. This is because Pilates is a full body exercise that stabilizes as well as threatens the entire body. The focus is towards improving posture, mobility and becoming more flexible while the body becomes more stable.

I think the main benefits of Pilates is that it helps you with your daily activities. It also allows you to move better on a daily basis when you are just simply doing everyday tasks. Aside from helping you with day-to-day functional movements, Pilates can also benefit the muscles.

This is highly true especially when it comes to the endurance realm. I tried doing it twice a week for an entire 12 weeks and the results were incredible. I felt my abdominal endurance increased as well as my upper body’s muscular endurance also got better. Aside from those, I also felt my hamstrings have gotten more flexible.

Health Benefits from Pilates

Health benefits will always come to people’s mind when doing exercise routines. This is also true when it comes to doing Pilates. Most people will think what health benefits they can get if indeed they will try out this exercise.

I already mentioned that core strength is the main focus of Pilates, as well as improving the pasture and making you more flexible. Because of these, health benefits come side-by-side including:

Developing Good Posture

People who have been into Pilates have gained and maintain good posture. This is because routines require the body to be properly aligned. If you are suffering from lower back pain then a Pilates exercise can be a good remedy.

Toning the Muscles

Another health benefit that you can get from doing Pilates routines is having toned muscles. The training makes use of body muscles that are not usually used on an everyday basis.

Initially, you might experience soreness. But after a while you will notice improvement. This is best for older people especially because there are a lot of muscles that they no longer use as they become physically less active.

Having Flat Abdominal Muscles

I always wanted to have my abdominal muscles flattened and I was able to achieve this because of performing Pilates exercises. This is because the focus of the routine is the core including the abdominal muscles. In return the stomach becomes flat which is a highly desirable result.


It is not a wonder that with age comes losing flexibility. It will no longer be the same as when people are younger. This is the good thing about Pilates as it can help you gradually gain back flexibility. After performing daily routines, you will be surprised that your body has once again adopted being flexible.

Improving Balance

I was amazed to learn that mind and body connection is possible. I learned this by performing Pilates which the instructor taught. A Pilates class does not only teach body movements but it teaches mental connection which is important in achieving a sound mind and a sound body.

Stress Reduction

It is truly surprising that while performing Pilates, you won’t be able to think of other things other than the routine that you are supposed to perform.

That is why it is a great stress reducer as you are relieved from thinking about the weight of everyday responsibilities. Pilates class will teach you breathing control while performing movements as you stay connected with your body’s balance.

Overall Well-being

As mentioned, Pilates is not only an exercise but an overall connection between the mind and body. Therefore, it creates an overall well-being in people who are engaged in doing this training.

July 10, 2021

What the Best Exercise Bikes Have in Common

By now, you’ve probably heard of cycling classes that’s been popping up all over Sydney.

If you didn’t know it yet, cycling classes are like spinning classes where you ride on a stationary bike and you bike to an upbeat rhythm led by an instructor.

It sounds fun and tiring at the same time. I tried cycling classes myself and I can say that it really pushed me to the limit even if I barely felt like I was struggling the whole time.

But my issue wasn’t on the actual exercise – it’s on the price. On average, one cycling session is around $30 and to tell you the truth, I’m not comfortable spending that much.

Indoor Cycling Made More Affordable

In my attempt to keep doing cycling sessions, I thought of buying my own exercise bike and just pump up the music. Although I’m not a pro at instructing myself when to speed up or slow down, I took cues from our instructor back in Sydney.

If you’re like me and you want to cycle but can’t afford to pay for classes every week, then you would love the idea of having an exercise bike at home.

There are exercise bikes that cost around $700 while it can go up to $3000. But of course, if you’re a newbie, I don’t recommend that you buy the expensive kind because you have to love cycling to make the most out of this equipment.

What to Look For in an Exercise Bike

There are so many exercise bikes on the market that it can be confusing when you don’t know how to start.

So I’ve compiled a few things that I looked for when I was picking out my first home exercise bike. Although some of the characteristics here are basic, they can still be often overlooked.

1. The Brand

There are household names in this market, just like in any market. For exercise bikes, brands like Nautilus, NordicTrack, Peloton, and Spinning are the best exercise bikes to consider.

While some of their models can be more expensive, rest assured that they give you the quality parts and programming that will give you a better ride experience.

2. The Controls

One of the most important parts of an exercise bike is the controls. They should be easy to understand so that it will feel instinctual once you’re already into the music.

Nowadays, it’s normal for an exercise bike to have a touchscreen but don’t be fooled by its tech. When buying an exercise bike, ask the seller to turn it on so that you can see what information it shows and its benefits.

3. The Warranty

Since this is equipment that you’ll be using at least twice a week (hopefully), it’s always smart to ask how long the warranty stands.

This is important because what if something goes wrong? Although all warranties differ, you have to ask which kind of damage is covered by the plan.

4. The Design

The design is important other than the fact that you want something that looks good. If you have limited space, you want an exercise bike that doesn’t take up the whole room.

It should be able to fit in one corner and the compactness of it should not limit its standard features.

5. The Smoothness of the Ride

And lastly, you have to buy an exercise bike that has a smooth ride. I recommend that you try riding on it before you buy it just so you can check if it’s comfortable enough for you.

Pay attention to the seat and how it cradles you. It should not limit your movements, but it should allow you to feel safe on it.

August 9, 2019

What to Look for in The Best Ab Machine

A lot of people want to remove their muffin top. But unfortunately for me and for a lot of girls out there, eliminating the muffin top takes a lot of time and effort. Well-sculpted abs don’t come easily I guess.

While I’m also a big fan of exercising and ab workouts, I’ve got to admit that sometimes, I feel demotivated not seeing results that fast.

And so I tried looking into other ways that can give me the abs I want. Then I got introduced to ab machines.

All About Ab Machines

Ab machines differ in size and structure. They can come with resistance bars or other equipment that can help target different parts of your abdominal muscles. Their main goal is to help you use your weight so that you exercise your core.

Most ab machines are straightforward to use; however, some can be more complex depending on how they are supposed to be used. Usually, I wouldn’t recommend newbies to try complex ab machines.

In buying ab machines, there are a few things that you have to consider. Like I said earlier, ab machines to buy come in different sizes and structures.

Not knowing what you are looking for will just get you confused. I recommend that you consider these few things first before you go to a store or order online.

1. Kind of Workout Provided

This is the most important factor for me. Personally, I would like an ab machine that doesn’t just target the abs. It should also be used for a full body workout.

This is because I don’t have the budget to buy a lot of different equipment and convert a room in my house into a gym.

So it makes sense for me to buy versatile equipment that can be used for a number of different ways and body parts.

2. Quality

Next comes quality. No matter how beautifully designed a piece of equipment is, if it has bad quality, then you won’t be able to use it either.

I know a lot of people who hesitate when they see that it was built and assembled in China. Although a lot of things are now manufactured there, it doesn’t mean that a lot of their products have good quality.

You will know if a product has high quality if you see them already assembled and it looks like it can withstand more than 10 times of use.

If it’s already assembled, you should also take the time to test it to make sure that that certain ab machine fits your needs.

3. Stability

Since you will be working out using an ab machine, it is a must that the equipment is stable. Imagine sitting on an ab machine that wobbles.

Apart from being unable to exercise properly, you will put yourself in a lot of risks because you will be prone to injury.

Quality and stability go hand-in-hand so if the product has bad quality, you can expect the same for the sturdiness of the item.

4. Simplicity

Although I said that I like versatile ab machines which I can use for different things, it would also help if your equipment is not too complex.

I’m referring to the ease of using the equipment in order to exercise certain parts of the body.

5. Price

And last on my list is the price. Let’s be real, the price matters that’s why a lot of people compare a number of ab machines before they choose one.

Aside from the specs of the equipment, the price is always a concern because everyone wants to make sure that their purchase is worth it.

If you’re the kind of person who intends on using it every day, then buying a pricier one could still be okay.

June 11, 2019

Discover Today’s Popular Asian Beauty Treatments

The quest for beauty transcends all countries and cultures. However, Asians are best known for the extra attention they pour into skincare and beauty treatments.

I can attest to the fascinating beauty scene in some Asian countries like Thailand and Korea.

The infamous 10-step Korean skincare routine that promises glass skin quality and permeated through Western countries is a good example.

Here, I’ll talk more about the other effective Asian beauty treatments that are fairly easy to perform.

Thai’s Slap Facial

Thailand’s massage technique made a buzz online for the rather unconventional way of achieving beautiful skin.

I read an article that explains slap facial’s chopping motions, which are actually performed along a person’s energy points or “sen”.

The face has sen and so the moderate and controlled slapping on the facial energy line only makes sense.

The goal of the massage is to improve the blood flow in the area, thus reinvigorating the skin.

California clinics are adopting a version of this technique while other experts remain skeptical. While this may just be a fad, I am inclined to try at least one session.

Thai’s Snail Facials

I’ve heard of the worst, like using bird’s poop as masks for the delicate facial skin. But snail mucus is tolerable.

In fact, snail mucin is commonly found in Korean masks and creams for dark spot correction.

Mucin is rich in glycolic acid that aids in collagen and elastin production, thus correcting pigmentation and hydration problems.

The use of snail mucin is rampant in countries like Australia and New Zealand where weather conditions range from extremely hot and humid to extremely cold within a day. I already purchased one and can’t wait to use it.

Chinese Crystal Rollers

Chinese folks are particularly fond of using jade rollers for facial massage and the beauty secret is said to have existed for over centuries. Jade brings calmness and relaxation.

Thus, facial jade rolling is expected to not only reduce puffiness and eliminate toxin, but also brighten up the person’s face. It relieves physical muscle tension, even psychological tension.

The Asian fascination for crystals seeps into the Western beauty fabric. I noticed how major beauty brands are now infusing other crystals into their products, believing that the energies will be passed on to the user.

The Australian supermodel, Miranda Kerr, has an organic beauty company Kora that sells highlighters and luminizers with rose quartz powder. The products promise to increase natural radiance.

Ayurvedic Dry Brushing

Dry brushing is practiced nearly everywhere. But it actually originated in Hindu traditional medicine.

Using soft-bristled brush, sponges, or silk gloves, dry brushing creates sweeping circular motions towards the heart just before bath time.

This technique significantly improves lymphatic circulation and rubs off dead skin cells, leaving you with smooth and soft skin.

Asians’ emphasis on circulation, as manifested in different techniques, makes me want to focus more on DIY massages and exfoliation.

The Japanese have their Tanaka Facial Massage that slims down and contours the face naturally. I found a Chinese beauty therapist near me with a line of smiling clients. I may as well give it a try.

Japanese’ Rice Wash

Kitchen remedies for beauty are no big surprise. I’ve used lemon on my elbows, honey and oats paste on my face, and coconut milk on my hair. But using rice wash for face and hair rinse is relatively a new idea.

But the Japanese are believed to have used fermented rice water (stored for 12 to 24 hours) to keep their long, silky black hair healthy and beautiful during ancient times.

This habit presumably keeps strands from premature graying as well. On skin, rice wash prevents breakouts and minimizes pores.

I’ve read several blogs describing the effectiveness of the Japanese technique when done regularly. Fermentation brings out the vitamins and minerals present in rice.

If you linger a little more in Google, you’ll find a great deal of other Asian beauty secrets that date as far as ancient history.

I suggest you don’t readily fall into following trends but back your search findings with research and reviews. Surely, no one likes to endure a tragic beauty mishap.

March 18, 2019

5 Reasons Why You Should Wax, Not Shave

In the modern world, people generally live a more hectic lifestyle. Every day, they jump from appointment to another appointment, leaving little to almost zero time for self-care. In the context of hair removal, people generally prefer the easy and convenient way of shaving over waxing because of time constraints. But this article will give you 5 reasons why you should change your ways.

Longer hair-free days

Hairlessness adds confidence to women and neatness to men, regardless of the body part concerned. It’s not surprising why many would want to prolong their hair-free days as much as possible. Shaving, however, cuts only the hair shaft and the hair regrows shortly after 3 days. Waxing, on the other hand, pulls the hair from the roots and the results last longer. Waxing also frees a person from itchiness and constant scratching. On average, a person’s happy days with waxing are about 3 to 6 weeks longer than shaving.

Cleaner finish

Some tiny hair strands may be difficult to shave off. It requires some rubbing against your skin, causing irritation and abrasion. On sensitive skin, the friction may cause rashes which require medication – an added cost. Waxing is different; it only requires a one-time application, provided that the product is of quality as well. In waxing, even the stubborn hair strands can be uprooted, leaving your skin with a cleaner and smoother finish. If waxing is a lipstick, it will be matte.

Safer process

Shaving obviously uses a razor that can cause cuts. Even dull razors, when rubbed repeatedly against the skin, can cause cuts. Note that skin openings, big or small, are possible points of entry for infection—causing bacteria, such as the staphylococcus bacteria that cause cellulitis. Some sensitive skin may even scar and eventually cause discoloration. Over time, with continued shaving, the discoloration may become permanent. Waxing, meanwhile, is safer because everything is controlled including the temperature of the wax (if it’s hot wax) and the force applied to uproot the hair (if it’s cold wax). Most people prefer cold waxing as it does not deal with heat and is therefore safer.  

Others fear waxing because of pain. People who waxed are often portrayed as screaming and squinting, as if they are forever suffering. However, truth be told, a person eventually gets used to the process and the pain becomes tolerable. Also, if you ask waxing salons, they would agree that waxing can be painless with proper application. It is generally dependent on the handler. In Doncaster, there are many waxing salons with excellent services to choose from.  All you need is to find one that suits your preference

Better long-term care

With waxing, the hair not only grows slower but also finer. Unlike shaving, waxing does not also cause stubbles, which are not only unpleasant and embarrassing, but also burdensome. Stubbles have the rough and abrasive feel. Most importantly, waxing removes dead skin cells, the reason why many people love waxing as it leaves their skin whiter and smoother. Although waxing still causes ingrown hair, the incidence is less frequent compared to shaving. Overall, waxing promotes better long-term skin care. Fortunately, waxing treatments in Doncaster are affordable, safe, and of quality, perfect for long-term use.  

More cost-effective

Some people think that they save money in shaving because they only invest in a razor with a refillable blade. Sadly, because of the unwanted effects of shaving, such as but not limited to scrapes, cuts, rashes, and itchiness, a person may end up paying for more than what he or she has initially invested. Collectively speaking, it’s costlier in terms of money, time, and effort.

There are many home waxing kits nowadays that you can purchase from beauty stores or even supermarkets. The proper way of pulling out hair is always in the opposite direction. When waxing sensitive areas, you may have to handle the procedure with extra care. But if you’re a first timer, you may opt for a professional waxing salon.

August 10, 2018

Making a Choice of Asian Hairstyle

They say that one’s point of view of an act is dependent on his or her previous experience. I hold this true with regard to how I go about hair styling which may include cutting my hair or colouring it. I used to like the idea of trying something new just for the sake of changing my seemingly boring look. However, my first try came not without regrets. From then on I no longer entertained the idea of styling my hair other than the natural with the exceptions during special occasions or events.

To better understand my story, I might as well give you a background. I originally lived in Southeast Asia for a couple of years, which very much explains my hair styling dilemma. Asian hair is popularly known to be shinny and at the same time slippery. To westerners it may be a complement, but for Asians, it brings about nothing other than a challenge in styling. These characteristics of Asian hair definitely makes it unmanageable and hard to style. This is one of the primary reasons why we usually end up disappointed after a supposed beauty makeover from the salon. We commonly come home with regrets which is the reason why we opt to no longer try to style it. The worst thing about having a bad haircut is that it costs months to regain the length and the natural look of the hair.

Due to numerous failed attempts in beautifying my hair, for a significant time, I could not care less about my Asian hair look. But it all changed when my best friend recommended a Korean hair salon on Lonsdale St, Melbourne. My best friend knew me too well including my obsession with K-pop. My experience in that salon was nothing but mere excellence. I did inform the stylists back there of my hesitations. But, the stylist and her assistants nonetheless assured me of a good outcome.

Apart from their verbal recommendations on how I can achieve a better image of an “Asian hair look,” the stylist also showed me several magazines and photos which may serve as a reference for my new look. I will not deny the nervousness I felt when the stylist got her cart and belt bag full of hair styling tools. But I am confident that hair stylists there are well equipped with the skills needed to achieve the Asian hair look that I am looking forward to.

As I mentioned, it was a Korean salon. I am proud to acknowledge than I am one of those who was affected by the wave of Korean culture. It was a sudden change in style and preference which were brought to me by the Korean dramas which I usually watch during my free time. Korean popular culture, also known as the K-pop, undeniably triggered a change in my aesthetics which of course included the hair style. In line with this fever, I opted to go with a Korean hairstyle distinguishable from other styles with it’s so called “air bangs.” In order to better express what style I wanted, I searched through the internet an image which best describes it. The stylist examined the photo and gave me a thumbs up supposedly signifying approval.

Though summer is fast approaching, I did not want to kiss my long hair goodbye for a short hair. Thus, I decided to have my hair cut to medium length. My stylist approved of my idea saying that it would suit the shape of my face. After about 30 minutes of styling, it ended up well. I had a nice girl haircut. It exceeded my expectations and did not count as a failed attempt. I loved my new look which is prettier when it is loosely curled. The stylist opted to dye my hair to add to the impact of the cuts and curves.

The stylist only recommended that I use shampoo and conditioner which are specialized for coloured hair. Other than this, she left the curling and blow drying to my preference on a daily basis. It is a low maintenance look which can be handled by many. This explains why Asian hair look is certainly the new trend. Though I risked my natural hair for an uncertain cut, I undeniably achieved a modern or up to the minute, chic Asian hair look. Having my hair restyled does not necessarily imply that I am not content with the way I looked. Honestly speaking, for years I have enjoyed my natural hair. However, I believe that change is not always a bad thing. My new hairstyle contributed a lot to my confidence.

So that is the story of my Asian hairstyle. For more interesting like this, click here to read more, I’m pretty sure you will gain a lot of information about health and beauty which can be useful and helpful.

February 24, 2017

Exploring Your Options in the Management of Sports Injuries

Engaging in sports can provide you with a host of health benefits, not to mention a boost in your confidence, self-esteem, and sense of self-worth. However, it is not uncommon that engaging in sports activities, especially those that require you to be in your optimum physical performance, can also result in injuries such as broken bones, torn muscles and ligaments, and breaks in the skin and other parts of the body. That is why it is important to understand your different options in the effective and efficient management of sports injuries.


One of the best management techniques for any musculoskeletal injury, be it sports-related or otherwise, is undergoing a comprehensive physical therapy. This often includes a thorough physical examination to evaluate the extent of your injuries. Depending on the nature and severity of your sports injuries, you may be provided with a variety of treatment approaches that includes remedial massage, manipulation of specific muscles and joints, and the performance of individualised exercises meant to improve overall joint mobility. Additionally, you may also be given exercises that are geared towards the strengthening of the muscles adjacent to the injured tissue while helping you recover from your injuries. Of particular importance in any physical therapy treatment is the return of normal functioning of the injured area. So, if you have tennis elbow that you can no longer make an effective and purposeful swing at the tennis ball, then a physiotherapist can help you return the full functionality of your arm. In Australia, many athletes seek physiotherapy from one of the leading providers in the country. You can visit wyndhamrehab.com.au for more information.

The PRICE Therapy

If your injuries just happen to be a minor one such as mild strain and sprain, then you don’t have to visit a physiotherapist for its management. You can treat it right at home using a very useful mnemonic that even world-class athletes use. Just remember P-R-I-C-E and you should do just fine. This stands for protection, rest, ice, compression, and elevation. In other words, you need to protect your injured limb or body part from further injuries. You can use elastic bandages or even braces and supports for this. You’re also supposed to rest the injured part, meaning, you’re not supposed to use them in your activities of daily living. So, if you have an ankle sprain, you’re not supposed to step with that foot. Additionally, you will need to apply ice on the injured part to reduce the swelling and inflammation as well as numb the pain. You can apply the ice pack indirectly over the injured part for about 15 to 20 minutes applied every 2 or 3 hours. Bandages can also help limit the swelling. This is compression. Elevating the injured part higher than the level of your heart can also help minimize swelling.

Relief from Pain and Inflammation

Tissue injuries always result in pain and swelling. These are just two of the five signs of inflammation. For pain, you may need painkillers for it often depending on the intensity of pain. For mild to moderate pain, your doctor can actually prescribe acetaminophen or ibuprofen or any other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. For more severe pain with severe persistent inflammation, corticosteroids may be given by injection. These are very powerful medications and can really reduce inflammation and pain in an instant. Unfortunately, they don’t last that long. So, you may require repeated injections for it.


As much as possible, the injured body part must never be used nor moved. It must be immobilised at all cost. The reason is quite simple. The injured tissues are being repaired by the body’s cells. If the body part is moved, there is a risk of disrupting the reparative processes and further injure the tissues. This is especially true with broken bones as it takes months for cartilage to first form before it can harden into a compact bone. That is why it is crucial to immediately immobilise the injured body part right after the accident so that additional tissue injuries can be minimised.

Surgery and Other Procedures

In most extreme cases such as fractures and torn muscles or ligaments, surgery may be your only option. Corrective surgeries are often performed to fix broken bones using plates, rods, wires, or even surgical screws. If no fractures are present, only bone displacement, then it is possible to physically manipulate the dislocation to realign it to its normal anatomical position without the need for surgery.

There are plenty of treatment and management options if you find yourself suffering from a sports injury. The important thing to understand is that your options are almost always dependent on the severity and extent of your injuries. If the insult is only minimal, then doing the PRICE at home should be enough. Otherwise, a trip to a doctor or a physiotherapist may be necessary.

January 30, 2017

How to Make Your First Hair Colour Treatment a Success

hair coloringGoing for your first hair colour experience can be exciting. After all, it opens up a lot of opportunities for you to create a new look. A new shade can create a perfect new hairstyle to wow your friends and family. However, it can be easy to do to wrong if you decide to do it yourself. 

First of all, a hair colouring specialist can help you choose the perfect shade. You have, of course, your own ideas when you come into the salon but you can also benefit from the experience of the experts who might have a better idea how certain tints look like in real life. He/she might also have great ideas as to how to mix and create something special for you. Booking a consultation before changing your colour might be beneficial in communicating your wants and finalizing a plan before taking the plunge.

Another important thing to note is that once you decide to dye your hair, you will have to maintain it. You don’t want darker roots creeping up and your hair having two different shades. When you are consulting with the specialist, it is a great idea to clarify exactly how long to wait between colouring hair. This way you know how often you should come back for touch-ups. Or, if you are unable to come every few weeks, you can discuss with your stylist and pick something that would be easier to preserve or wouldn’t look ugly without frequent reapplication.

Be wary of possible mistakes

One mistake that many make is to choose a shade that does not suit their skin tone. This is another reason why, doing it at the salon is better because experienced specialists can share their opinion. Sometimes, that sample you brought with you looks great on someone with lighter skin, but not with yours. Bringing pictures can help you communicate your wants better.

If you are dyeing your hair for the first time, you have to realize that it might not be as easy as just applying it. If you have dark hair and want something much lighter, you might have to lighten it first in order to make sure the new tint sticks. This is important information that your specialist will know and be able to guide you properly. At the same time, if you have had several hair colouring treatments done beforehand, you will have to realize that this affects the outcome, so planning and mixing have a vital step in ending up with exactly what you want.

First timers should also avoid box colour, even if it says the dye will wash out after a few weeks. The pigment can actually stay in your hair for a long time and make it difficult to remove if you want to try lighter shades in the future. It can also leave you with uneven hair colour. For beginners, something like semi-permanent gloss or highlights can be a good start. This way, your hair ends up looking shinier, and the original tint can be enhanced. Gloss will also fade away eventually and do not require as much maintenance.

How should you prepare for your session and how do you maintain your dyed hair?

First of all, you can prepare your hair by applying a mask the day before your appointment. The process can be grueling and a little hydration will protect them from damage. Leave it a bit longer than recommended to ensure it is moisturized enough.

After going through the treatment, you have to shift your shampoo and conditioner in order to maintain it. Opt for products that are specifically for treated hair. Clarifying shampoos, on the other hand, will strip away the dyes.

You will have to protect your hair from the sun and water from the ocean or swimming pools. Wearing hats will stop it from dulling out quicker. On the other hand, washing your hair with regular water before going into the water will protect it. The salt in seawater dries your hair, while chlorine is very dangerous on blonde colours.

Make an appointment for a conditioning treatment after a holiday at the beach. You will most likely need some touching up afterward, so make sure you drop by the salon when you get back!

Your hair will also change texture every time you go for a session. In fact, it can make it more voluminous and even easier to style. So choosing the right kind will actually make it look fuller and better, giving you with brilliant and supple hair that everyone will be jealous of!

August 24, 2016

Benefit from a High Intensity Interval Training in Just 4 Minutes a Day

HIITThere are plenty of reasons why it is so hard to commit to a regular workout plan. A lot of people would complain about the monotony of most cardio exercises while others can’t find ways to fit an hour of workout in their busy schedules.

If you are among these types of people, then trying out High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT could be the answer. And you cannot complain about not having enough time to do it because it would take only 4 minutes a day to complete this highly recommended workout.

But first, what is High Intensity Interval Training?

To briefly explain its concept, interval training is a workout comprise of short bursts of intense exercises. The difficult pace is alternated with a resting time. The repeated alternation of intense movements and rest is what makes the routine beneficial. To those who are already doing interval training, this is much preferred because it would take only a fraction of time spent on the usual workout but the effects last long after it is done.  The alternate high intensity and low intensity workout engage your mind to the workout making you more focused and aware of how much time you spent and how intense you are doing. This makes the activity less boring and will actually challenge you to do better every single time.

How can you start with a 4-minute High Intensity Interval Training?

Among the many variations of interval training, the Tabata Method is the simplest to do and perfect for those who have limited time. To do it, 20 seconds of intense exercise are followed by 10 seconds of break. This cycle is then repeated for eight times, completing a 4 minute workout.

What types of exercise can be included in the cycle?

The Tabata principle is to do as many repetitions as you can during the intense phase. But it does not follow specific workout moves so the possibilities of creating variations that you are most comfortable of are endless.

Classic moves that are recommended for novices are Burpee, Lunges, Push-up, Squats, Jumping Ropes, Mountain Climbers, Sprints, Weight Bench Hop Overs, and Swings. The key to achieving success in this system is to remember that the first 20 seconds should be spent on hard work and should be followed immediately by 10 seconds of rest. The catch here is that you really have to push yourself hard to achieve an after-burn effect where you continue to burn a lot of calories hours after you finished your workout.

When you are new to interval training, you are expected to do at least a round of one recommended exercise. After your body has adjusted to this new form of exercise, you can start adding other variations and lengthen the time, especially when you want to burn more calories or when you are targeting a specific weight. But you can just stick to the 4-minute cycle if you are just looking for a way to keep a healthy body by doing a regular exercise routine.

Build a Complete Exercise Program

Typically, interval training is performed two to three times per week. The vacant days should be spent to challenge your body even more instead of giving it time to slack off. Fitness growth can be achieved if you are going to switch routines from regular interval training and other forms of exercise on the remaining days of the week. You can choose from simple cardio workouts like running, swimming, and bicycling. Or you may opt to do strength training, core exercises, and stretching. It really does not matter what type of exercise as long as you are able to get your body moving at all times.

What makes interval training great?

Probably the best thing about high intensity interval training is that you do not need to have gym equipment or a professional to lead you during every workout. It would help to consult with a fitness trainer first and have him help you assess your fitness level so that you can match which type of workouts suit you. The concept is very simple and the internet provides a lot of ideas on what routines to include in your interval training plan. You may also download mobile applications that can help you with every workout. There are timers to keep you at the right pace, nutrition planner to guide you with the proper diet, and tons of other interval training apps that will make each session fun and easier to complete.

If you think High Intensity Interval Training would be a great workout regimen for you, then it would be great to start the training today.

April 7, 2016