Making a Choice of Asian Hairstyle

They say that one’s point of view of an act is dependent on his or her previous experience. I hold this true with regard to how I go about hair styling which may include cutting my hair or colouring it. I used to like the idea of trying something new just for the sake of changing my seemingly boring look. However, my first try came not without regrets. From then on I no longer entertained the idea of styling my hair other than the natural with the exceptions during special occasions or events.

To better understand my story, I might as well give you a background. I originally lived in Southeast Asia for a couple of years, which very much explains my hair styling dilemma. Asian hair is popularly known to be shinny and at the same time slippery. To westerners it may be a complement, but for Asians, it brings about nothing other than a challenge in styling. These characteristics of Asian hair definitely makes it unmanageable and hard to style. This is one of the primary reasons why we usually end up disappointed after a supposed beauty makeover from the salon. We commonly come home with regrets which is the reason why we opt to no longer try to style it. The worst thing about having a bad haircut is that it costs months to regain the length and the natural look of the hair.

Due to numerous failed attempts in beautifying my hair, for a significant time, I could not care less about my Asian hair look. But it all changed when my best friend recommended a Korean hair salon on Lonsdale St, Melbourne. My best friend knew me too well including my obsession with K-pop. My experience in that salon was nothing but mere excellence. I did inform the stylists back there of my hesitations. But, the stylist and her assistants nonetheless assured me of a good outcome.

Apart from their verbal recommendations on how I can achieve a better image of an “Asian hair look,” the stylist also showed me several magazines and photos which may serve as a reference for my new look. I will not deny the nervousness I felt when the stylist got her cart and belt bag full of hair styling tools. But I am confident that hair stylists there are well equipped with the skills needed to achieve the Asian hair look that I am looking forward to.

As I mentioned, it was a Korean salon. I am proud to acknowledge than I am one of those who was affected by the wave of Korean culture. It was a sudden change in style and preference which were brought to me by the Korean dramas which I usually watch during my free time. Korean popular culture, also known as the K-pop, undeniably triggered a change in my aesthetics which of course included the hair style. In line with this fever, I opted to go with a Korean hairstyle distinguishable from other styles with it’s so called “air bangs.” In order to better express what style I wanted, I searched through the internet an image which best describes it. The stylist examined the photo and gave me a thumbs up supposedly signifying approval.

Though summer is fast approaching, I did not want to kiss my long hair goodbye for a short hair. Thus, I decided to have my hair cut to medium length. My stylist approved of my idea saying that it would suit the shape of my face. After about 30 minutes of styling, it ended up well. I had a nice girl haircut. It exceeded my expectations and did not count as a failed attempt. I loved my new look which is prettier when it is loosely curled. The stylist opted to dye my hair to add to the impact of the cuts and curves.

The stylist only recommended that I use shampoo and conditioner which are specialized for coloured hair. Other than this, she left the curling and blow drying to my preference on a daily basis. It is a low maintenance look which can be handled by many. This explains why Asian hair look is certainly the new trend. Though I risked my natural hair for an uncertain cut, I undeniably achieved a modern or up to the minute, chic Asian hair look. Having my hair restyled does not necessarily imply that I am not content with the way I looked. Honestly speaking, for years I have enjoyed my natural hair. However, I believe that change is not always a bad thing. My new hairstyle contributed a lot to my confidence.

So that is the story of my Asian hairstyle. For more interesting like this, click here to read more, I’m pretty sure you will gain a lot of information about health and beauty which can be useful and helpful.