There you are, clicking a “Buy Now” button on one of those blogs, and before you even start to enjoy the product you just ordered, your mailbox gets jammed with unwanted advertizing, spam of all sorts, or just dozens of requests, newsletters and so-called first-hand information.

The strongly oppose any practice of such kind — appart from being developers and businessfolks, we’re users first and foremost, customers in our very own right, and as much as we don’t want others to mess with our personal information, WE WILL NOT MESS WITH YOURS.

Read below for info on how we handle the information you provide us with. From webshop to forum, we do our best to keep your privacy safe and secure.

If you feel the need to contact us over this matter, be it for more information about the chosen means of privacy protection or because of an actual bad experience with our site, please do so via: [email protected].

PayPal, Your Bank
In order to provide the best possible security to your most sensible data — your bank account and credit card information — we have decided to NOT implement a payment service of our own, but to either let you transfer money from your bank account, or use one of the best trusted and high-profile services on the web: PayPal (eBay). You can read about their privacy policies here.

Registration information
Some of our products require you to enter registration information, usually consisting of a first and last name and a number. This information is linked to your personal info provided for ordering, so that — in the unlucky event of data loss — it can be re-issued. Again, it will never be disclosed to any kind of third party, not even to the guys handling your payment.

Blog and Forums
Our blog as well as the forums provide a great place for actual users and people just interested in our products to gather, exchange information or help out each other. Registration is recommended (you’ll want other users to remember you) but purely obligatory, and there will be no personal info stored whatsoever. The only info you need to provide is a nickname.

The Website
The website does not store any information about its visitors, other than the one they provide during sign-up for the blog and whatever personal info they might post on the blogs or forums (duh). Our servers keep some statistical data for use by a standard traffic analizer, but this data is not linked in any way to user interaction on the site (such as the shop). The blog features a more detailed statistics backend, which is provided by WordPress and allows us to see stuff like “incoming traffic“ and “sites that link here”.