Pilates – Starting Your Journey and Reaping Its Benefits

The first step to learning Pilates is actually thinking about how you’re going to do it. Are you going to do it alone? Are you joining a group? Or will you be in a private class? These are some considerations that a beginner should consider before deciding to take the training.

I would always recommend trying out individual sessions first. If you don’t feel like doing it alone you can always check out books and instructional materials.

Is Pilates good for the body?

Some people might think that Pilates isn’t a full body exercise. However, this is just one among the many misconceptions about this training. This is because Pilates is a full body exercise that stabilizes as well as threatens the entire body. The focus is towards improving posture, mobility and becoming more flexible while the body becomes more stable.

I think the main benefits of Pilates is that it helps you with your daily activities. It also allows you to move better on a daily basis when you are just simply doing everyday tasks. Aside from helping you with day-to-day functional movements, Pilates can also benefit the muscles.

This is highly true especially when it comes to the endurance realm. I tried doing it twice a week for an entire 12 weeks and the results were incredible. I felt my abdominal endurance increased as well as my upper body’s muscular endurance also got better. Aside from those, I also felt my hamstrings have gotten more flexible.

Health Benefits from Pilates

Health benefits will always come to people’s mind when doing exercise routines. This is also true when it comes to doing Pilates. Most people will think what health benefits they can get if indeed they will try out this exercise.

I already mentioned that core strength is the main focus of Pilates, as well as improving the pasture and making you more flexible. Because of these, health benefits come side-by-side including:

Developing Good Posture

People who have been into Pilates have gained and maintain good posture. This is because routines require the body to be properly aligned. If you are suffering from lower back pain then a Pilates exercise can be a good remedy.

Toning the Muscles

Another health benefit that you can get from doing Pilates routines is having toned muscles. The training makes use of body muscles that are not usually used on an everyday basis.

Initially, you might experience soreness. But after a while you will notice improvement. This is best for older people especially because there are a lot of muscles that they no longer use as they become physically less active.

Having Flat Abdominal Muscles

I always wanted to have my abdominal muscles flattened and I was able to achieve this because of performing Pilates exercises. This is because the focus of the routine is the core including the abdominal muscles. In return the stomach becomes flat which is a highly desirable result.


It is not a wonder that with age comes losing flexibility. It will no longer be the same as when people are younger. This is the good thing about Pilates as it can help you gradually gain back flexibility. After performing daily routines, you will be surprised that your body has once again adopted being flexible.

Improving Balance

I was amazed to learn that mind and body connection is possible. I learned this by performing Pilates which the instructor taught. A Pilates class does not only teach body movements but it teaches mental connection which is important in achieving a sound mind and a sound body.

Stress Reduction

It is truly surprising that while performing Pilates, you won’t be able to think of other things other than the routine that you are supposed to perform.

That is why it is a great stress reducer as you are relieved from thinking about the weight of everyday responsibilities. Pilates class will teach you breathing control while performing movements as you stay connected with your body’s balance.

Overall Well-being

As mentioned, Pilates is not only an exercise but an overall connection between the mind and body. Therefore, it creates an overall well-being in people who are engaged in doing this training.