5 Tips to Maintain Healthy Teeth

healthy teeth Did you know that toothache is the number one chronic  childhood illness? But it doesn’t just affect kids alone. With  over 164 million work hours lost due to dental problems, a  lot of adults are also affected by this.

 We shouldn’t be asking you this question. You should know  this. You probably experienced this already at least once in  your life.

 Now here’s something you don’t know that Brunswick  Dentistry Clinic would like to share: For every dollar spent  on dental preventive measures, you are saving $50 in possible emergency dental procedures. And if you haven’t started on those preventive measures, you might want to start right now.

We’ll be listing down five of the most effective ways to maintain good dental health. You probably know all these already. But this is a reminder because you’re probably not doing these anyway.

Good Oral Hygiene

It’s a cliché, really, but brushing your teeth twice a day is one of the ways to keep cavities ways. When it comes to this everyday activity, take note of the following tips:

• Use only a small amount of toothpaste. Pea-sized is just enough.
• Soft bristles are better than hard ones or you will wound your gums, creating more problems.
• Don’t neglect your tongue and your soft palate.
• There are certain techniques of brushing your teeth per age bracket. Go ahead and read up on that.

Brunswick Dentistry Clinic would also like to add that good oral hygiene also includes flossing after brushing and rinsing your mouth properly.

Get Rid of Sugar from Your Diet

Alright, that’s too hard to do. So try and minimize the sugar in your diet at least. Every single carb that you eat will get converted to sugar so just try to veer away from the really sweet ones like chocolate bars, candies, sweetened fruit juices and soda.

Up the Dose of Vitamin C

You might have the whitest and healthiest teeth on the face of the planet. But if you have gingivitis, you’re toast. A lot of oral problems actually stems from gum problems. If you want to prevent that, up your Vitamin C dosage!

Do you know that dental procedures are the fourth most expensive among all medical or surgical procedures today? Now you do. So keep your mouth healthy.

Visit Your Dentist

It is quite unfortunate that most people only go to their dentist when they are already in great pain. Did you known that you will be spending so much more on dental procedures than just having your tooth checked as recommended? So please, go to your dentist for a check-up. Ideally, this should be done twice a year (or every six months).

Spread the Word – Especially to Your Kids

Do you have children? If so, start them early. Make sure that you teach them the importance of maintaining healthy teeth and how this can be done. You’ve got the five easiest ways already – we’ve mentioned all those above.
You should bring them to the nearest Brunswick Dentistry Clinic too. As soon as they are weaned from milk to solids (and this includes fruit and vegetable purees), you should bring them to the dentist already. When is that specifically, you might ask? When they reach the age of two, is the most common answer.

Just Don’t Forget: Prevention is Better than Cure

Remember that when it comes to your teeth, prevention is the name of the game. To remind you of that, toothache is one of the most painful kinds of aches one will ever experience. So it would really benefit you if you start keeping your teeth healthy now than regretting it at a later time.

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